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Staging in a Seller’s Market

Staging in a Seller's Market | TopStage Home Staging Gallery - This is a newer type of home known as a transitional-style property.

TopStage is proud to offer you an article entitled “Staging in a Seller’s Market.” by colleagues of ours from San Antonio, Texas  You may know that the real estate market often fluctuates between a seller’s market (more buyers than sellers) and a buyer’s market (more sellers than buyers).  The best example of this is still taking place right now. As we are moving from a very hot seller’s market, sparked by extremely low interest rates for an extended period, toward a more normal real estate environment with rates nearing the long-term midpoint.  If interest rates continue higher, or home inventories increase dramatically (or both) what you will most likely see is a buyer’s market.

Regardless, Home Staging & Design is always a valued added to buyers and sellers in any real estate market cycle.  Enjoy the article!

Picture of the interior of a home that has been professionally home staged

6 Reasons Why You Should Stage in a Seller’s Market

Even in a hot real estate market, home staging is essential. Here's why!

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